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  • Hello, I am Dixie whom worked in CompUSA in White Plains New York. Am glad to be remembered as a person of patience. It means a lot to me. Thank you. I moved to Las Vegas in 2003. I appreciate the article very […]

  • Two years after my little girl was psychologically abused and alienated from me, we reunited with the help of God. Towards the end the CPS worker was replaced as well as the judge. Even the district attorney was […]

  • I do understand your position in the system. A case worker attempted to help me but feared to overstep her boundaries in fear to loose her job. Sadly, the only workers who’s jobs are secure are the unethical ones. […]

  • I appreciate your blessing. Fortunately, my daughter and I reunified two years ago. Yesterday she graduate fourth grade with honors and also received a presidential academic award. She is back to being her happy […]

  • Hello Laura,
    In my case the CPS worker in charged of my case spent countless hours expediting my little girl out of state. The budget cut was not relevant to her elicit and cruel actions. I don’t believe that new […]

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    I Dixie Eliason would like to apologize to those trying to reach me on the tel number mentioned on my podcast. Due to financial set back I’ve been obligated to resource to a different cell phone […]