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48 thoughts on “Blog Us Your CPS Story

  1. A loving mother

    I am the mother of the most amazing seven years old little girl whom throughout six of seven years of her life has been cared, loved & strengthened by me. My dreams,my hopes, my desires & only goals are to show my daughter the world of outstanding and positive opportunities ahead of her. As a parent Nina Shari’s needs & safety are placed before my own. It has been difficult being away from the child I’ve birth, love, care for & most of all protect. The world is a huge & frightening place for any of us. I can only imagine how it must be like for my dear child. So here I am taking a leap of faith requesting parental unity to make changes & protect our own against unethical CPS workers whom not just corrupt the system which our tax dollars put at work but also misguide the future of our loved ones.

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      I am deeply touched by your comments and prayers for my Nina & myself. I am standing firm in faith and strength in spirit. For the most dangerous opposition to those whom do harm is faith & hope. My Yahweh & Jesus has never let go of me & never will. And so I pray…

  2. gina

    It is a mother’s love that a child needs. The sense of belonging, the sense of being wanted more than any money could buy. In our family the material things come to the last term. Family love and Unity is or motto. Nina Sheri our beautiful child, you are amazingly love by all of us. What a wonderful gift of life you are to all of us ” Your Family” . We love you regardless to the distance! Your big family here and everywhere in the world, wherever our body might be but our spirit is always connected without doubt. We believe in righteousness of our mighty God and one day things will uncover. The true meaning of life is love, and the love surpasses the distance. Love you always , Titi Gina and your immense family . God and us, we are watching the process very closely and with all and all we say “These too shall come to pass” and be where you really belong. This is love what money can NEVER buy.

  3. Katelynn

    Hi Nina Sheri,
    My little cousin we love you very much. You are the light of our life, an amazing child. You are love by all of us, your real family not by the love of money and greed of those who are watching over you right now by what you are getting . The only thing that they see when they see is the dollar sign ” Money” . We love you and want you back home where you belong with your mommy.

  4. Grandma

    My Dear Granddaughter ,
    You and your mom are the light of my eyes. Our family base is “love” and you are loved. We want for you to be happy and who better than with mommy. You belong where you are really loved and that is call “HOME” with your bother and with your mom. You don’t belong where the word that you hear from a cold heart ” Money” that is never and will never be the meaning of “LOVE” . WE ARE YOUR FAMILY !!! and we miss you but not as much as your mommy . “Love” “Love” and only “love” conquers all things on earth. Love you, Grandma

  5. Gina

    We keep on fighting for the unification of families. The unification of a mother to his daughter for the common goal of “Love” , “Family” , and the right of a child to belong were she had never had to left “Home, Sweet Home ” . A place that only the parents know best to secure their children , being a mother or a father that has the sole purpose of Love for a child . we love you Nina Sheri , and in the great name of Jesus Christ and our faith that it is done , you are coming home soon. The greatest love is always with you !! . Con Amor , Titi Gina.

  6. stan

    I’m glad someone decided to begin and try to make changes in the cps system. I’m the father of two great boys now ages 3 & 5. two years ago i encountered false accusations about me having abused my oldest boy whom i’ve never put my hands on. both my boys were removed from my care. my wife was over seas visiting her ill mother. upon her return our marriage was damaged by fabricated unfounded lies. our boys were recovered but our marriage was lost. the cps worker was often condasending towards me to the woman I’ve loved since high school. our home has been severely broken. now our boys attend therapy not just due to our divorce but mostly due to the constant placement by cps. I work construction and have never been out of work. I was forced to take time off work to attend classes the cps workers should themselves be attending. STOP CPS ABUSE ALREADY

  7. lilly

    hello, well written words. I’m sorry you have suffered so much pain inflicted by cps. My sister has also suffered a great deal with the meanest most deceitful cps worker. my sister and i care for each others kids while either one of us is at work. my husband works two jobs to make sure our family is fed, and well cared for. my sister on the other hand is a single parent. her living boyfriend of 5yrs moved out to live with someone else. he’s a dead beat. a woman he dated out of jealousy of my sister contacted cps & told them that she left my nices and nephews unattended. I was caring for both our kids. CPS showed up and after asking few questions without speaking to the kids removed them from my sister’s home. they claim that my sister does spend lots of time out of her home but never bother noting that she’s out there working like a dog to feed her kids. her ex and his lying girlfriend got temporary custody of the kids. my sister suffered the separation from her kids in way I would not wish upon anyone. she lost lots of weight not that her 120lbs body frame needed it. the cps worker told her that she needs to spend more time at home raising her kids. how’s my sister supposed to support her children and a household by herself? her ex is always out of work and is a bum. cps should respect my sister’s hard work and efforts. She’s not out there partying or gambling. she’s a good woman that deserves for cps to stop making lies about her. they should learn the facts and stop trying to make money by taking innocent people’s kids. why doesn’t the government investigate and discipline cps workers. parent’s never win a battle against cps because they’re above the law

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      Hello Lilly,
      Thank you for your words. I am very sorry about your sister’s events with CPS. One as a parent must provide more than love for our children. We must provide a home, food,etc. I do know the pain your sister experienced. It is excruciating. We must start writing to our legislators and like I’ve mentioned over and over again “document yourself”keep a journal. Keep a video if you have to. Whatever it takes to bring abuse to a close. It’s best for CPS to complain in court about fearing you for video taping them or photographing them than for our children to remain slaves to abuse. Youtube loves all kinds of exposures. At times one must hold unto them for when the time is right. Nothing goes unnoticed in life. Please be strong for your sister. Also tell her to request CPS worker’s records of worked hours on her kids’ case as well on the amount of the cps workers hours per case. tell her to request a CFT and bring witnesses and people whom can attest to the treatment and care of her kids. Tell her not to make accusations without proof. That will only hinder her case and reunification. Please tell her that she is not alone. To continue working hard and being strong. CPS cannot keep her kids if your sister is doing the right things. Tell her not to get confrontational with anyone. Anything will be used against her. Please tell her that God has a plan for her

  8. jose

    cps doesn’t care about our kids. they are a legal child trafficking system! show me a kid returned by cps who’s happy to be under their care. Where’s at least one? the ones i met have been abused in one way or another by idiot people. i understand some kids need rescue from tweakers and f up people but find out the facts of the situation before taking away kids’ stability…

    1. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      Hello Jose,
      Not all CPS workers are unethical. Some actually took the job not as employment but as a personal task to help children. I was one of those children. A good worker saved me. Unfortunately you’re right about some bad workers. There’s good and bad in all organizations, but there must be a balance. That is why we must be practical when dealing with abusive people. We must act properly, document ourselves and place complains. Most important we must have as many witnesses as possible. We must be persistent. At one point in time whenever we get to tell our side of the story it is important to have solid evidence, and solid witnesses to back up those evidence. Consistency is key. We must keep notes, dates, times, event record, etc. In do time unethical people’s fabrication of events will be removed from power. Before then we as parents and loved ones must maintain being our best and working diligently to reunify with our children.

  9. alvira

    Hi, I go to child heaven on Thursdays and Sat to see my kids. cps took them from me without proof of abuse. i’m poor and can’t afford a lawyer. nobody helps me or advises me aside of my neighbor who’s too old to help me. I lost my job and my home after cps accusations. I completed parenting classes but now I need to find a job and a place for my kids to live in order to get them back. this is a nightmare. the worker complained I wasn’t meeting my parental classes but I had to work. I began missing work and rescheduling my life. now no job, no home and no money. I stay at my neighbors home from time to time. cps claims I abused my kids but I never did. nobody saw me or heard me abuse them. cps worker kept moving my kids from place to place. I haven’t missed a day to see my kids but need a job and a home. please help me

    1. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      I am sorry this has happened to you. I suggest for you to keep a journal with dates and times. Make sure to write down every single detail of the worker you’re dealing with including the times you’ve me and the clothes he/she was wearing. Biggest mistake most make is relaying on the brain to take notes not realizing that judges want dates, times and full descriptions of accounts to back up any claims. Do not dispare cause more people are beginning to complain and are in search of the solid few whom are willing to change the corruption in the CPS system. I’m an all or nothing kind of person. My daughter has been removed from my care and not it’s time for me to take charge. After taking her away from me what else can they do. Please register to my forum and I will email you further resources and ways to go about setting things right. may God bless you and your loved ones and know that where there is power theres no room for love and where there’s love theres no need to have power. Our children know the truth and we know the truth. In the end God settles the score remembering every detail of right from wrong.

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      Hello Alvira,
      Please don’t dispare. whatever you do never let CPS workers see you as the weakest link. If you’re seen stressed, they’ll utilize it against you as one whom cannot cope. What kind of work did you do? Do you have a resume? I have a home and it has two spare rooms in it. My home is your home. Please know that. I don’t own much but have enough for the both of us. Do not give up. THe last thing my little girl told me when I saw her was “mommy, please don’t give up”. I owe her that and more. She deserves the best of me and your kids deserve the best of you. You must look within yourself and remember where your children came from. It takes a strong body and mind to give life to the world. It takes a little more to make things right. my number is listed on my site. Please call me. I sold my car but there’s always a bus to take me where I need to go. Look up and remember that God exist and he will give you the strength you never knew you possed.

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        Figlia Perdutta

        Options for this story

        God amazes me in way nobody else can
        He loves me, protects me, guides me, directs me, disciplines me and rebuilds me in the most loving of ways!

        Need I be so blessed? It’s been said that grace isn’t earned or deserved
        Grace is a gift from God to us

        I cannot grow wings or do the most amazing good will to gain it
        No one can! Grace isn’t a lotto ticket or a paycheck after a hard days work
        My King’s love isn’t luck either, Nothing is

        Happiness is for the take. I can either take it or regret not having had
        Two things the enemy provides us are 1.poverty 2.misery
        1.Not monetary poverty, but poverty of the soul (self centerness)
        At times one believes the world revolves around us or should be subservient to all of our needs. Such expectations leads one to loneliness due to lack of appreciation for those around us.

        2.Misery (Sharing the agony of our very own sense of a pitiful world)
        One becomes disillusioned with surroundings by the possessions of another greater than our own in our minds. Or by the need of entitlement of things or relationships not meant for our own.

        As a child I noticed that Physically blind people saw things more clearly than those able to see. I also noticed that homeless were able to turn a cardboard box into a home Not just a place of shelter.

        I often searched for a family not a genetically blood related family but people in general whom united cared for each other once life’s struggles bottle necked their chances to make do.

        My young years taught me so much about life.
        I captured so much in my mind & began setting my own believes
        In the end I’m realizing that memories are what gives force to life
        Everything else is material which will fade, places that will change, laws that will revamp, prices that will rise but one “Memories

  10. frank

    I’m sorry about your situation with CPS. At this time many states are beginning to take charge by exposing CPS’s illegal and unethical dealings. I for one believe this to be an organization much like Hitler’s army whom take kids away from parents and brain wash them to become damaged men and women in the future. Later in life the parents are blamed for the outcome. I suggest for you to get in touch with Brent Bryson in Las Vegas. He is a great attorney who has won many suits against CPS and knows the system better than others. I personally informed Brent about your website and situation. I have the legal means to verify the facts. In deed what you’re posting is true. Like I mentioned before stay focus and continue to keep document trail. I’m more than positive that you’re case will in fact make the front page of a newspaper in the near future.

    Stay well and know many people are becoming aware of your situation. Good things are to take place in the near future.

  11. Dave

    I must say that CPS workers do not get terminated by any unethical means. Those workers whom not only damage the reputation of parents, damage the life of those whom would of being someone great in life. What does it take to make cps comply with the law? Right now no other public agency leaves victims and advocates more perplexed than Child Protective Services. On the one hand, people think of CPS with appreciation as they envision a selfless agency rescuing innocent children from horrific conditions. Indeed, SOME CPS workers across the country do this routinely. The gratitude is deserved.

    At the same time, the agency seems to be perpetually marred by a steady drumbeat of nightmare stories about CPS emanating from the very families CPS is supposed to serve. This deals with just one of these problems; the CPS practice of removing or threatening to remove children from the nonviolent, non-offending parent in cases of family violence. Sadly to say some workers don’t care about anything other than hearsay especially when the worker becomes friends with either party involved in the investigation. It’s not difficult for a worker to decide to overlook the child’s traumatic situation. Besides those workers are underpaid and overworked. They need empowerment as a form of compensation for their low paying income.

    A mother herself seeks help from CPS or becomes involved with CPS through someone else’s report of suspected child abuse. Her child has been physically or sexually abused by a family member, usually by a male family member, or there are concerns the child is living in a home where there is domestic violence. At first, the mother naturally anticipates that CPS will try to help her and her child, and try to punish and stop the perpetrator. So these mothers are stunned when suddenly the CPS/juvenile court system turns its sights on her, even though everyone agrees she didn’t perpetrate the abuse or violence.

    Most likely she is the one under investigation, and the perpetrator is seeming to be all but ignored. And worse, CPS is threatening to take her child from her, or has already done so without warning or notice, and is threatening to keep the child, right at the time that mother and child need each other most. She feels the system turn hostile toward her. Did she, the non-offending parent, protect the child from the violent parent? Did she protect the child from molestation? Did she protect the child from being exposed to domestic violence in the home? Well, no, obviously she did not, or could not, or, in the case of molestation, often didn’t know about it.

    Instead of being treated more as a co-victim of a violent perpetrator, with help and guidance provided according to the mother’s expressed needs, she is treated more as a co-perpetrator, with CPS establishing mandated controls over virtually any which aspect of her life CPS chooses, all under threat of losing her child. In addition to court dates at which it is her behavior that’s in question, CPS gives her a mandated, often overwhelming set of programs and goals she must comply with to the satisfaction of the CPS/juvenile court system, in order to – maybe – get the child back – and maybe not. She is also held accountable for maintaining a cooperative attitude throughout, even though she is, in fact, in a profoundly adversarial relationship with CPS (which is why she’s given an attorney at court time). At the same time, she begins to realize that the CPS/juvenile court system isn’t pushing to hold the perpetrator accountable for his violence, nor is CPS even invested with the power to do so.

    Most mothers say they would rather be threatened with jail than to be threatened with the loss of her child. Yet as invasive, terrifying, and awesome as this governmental threat is, virtually all the decisions as to her fitness, compliance, and fate are being decided at the lowest judicial standard of evidence, 51% of the evidence, the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ standard. This is a far cry from the ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ standard the government must reach before sentencing someone to jail for even the briefest time.

    The level of proof against her that CPS is required to put forth is so minimal that it provides the mother little protection against any abusive, prejudiced, or discriminatory exercise of power by CPS. The low evidence burden on CPS also makes it nearly impossible for the mother to defend herself, especially against such vague accusations as ‘failure to protect’, or that ‘she knew or should have known’, things which don’t even constitute a crime in the criminal system. And to top off the injustices, an all too common requirement on her must-do list is that she and/or the child must partake in family conferencing or a family reunification plan in which one or both must meet, mediate, or co-counsel with the perpetrator – the very same perpetrator from whom the mother has been accused of ‘failure to protect’ the child.Unfortunately, such stories are not the result of occasional human errors that are bound to occur in any public agency. They are, instead, inevitable and frequent outcomes stemming from the flawed founding premises and the weak legal underpinnings of the CPS/juvenile court system. The structure of the system drives toward these injustices no matter how well intentioned individual CPS workers may be. Nor is this to say that children should never be removed from the non-offending parent. There are circumstances in which they should. The problem is that the system is so arbitrary, sexist, secret, and outdated, that it tends toward abusive or mistaken results.

    In the last decade, there has been growing recognition and discussion of the CPS problem as it pertains to the non-offending parent. In 1999, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges put together the Greenbook Initiative, a set of 67 recommendations aimed at remedying precisely this set of problems. But though the Greenbook gives long overdue recognition to the issue, the recommendations don’t call for installing any firm checks on the system, as will be discussed in more detail in a later section.

    To wrap this comment up I must commend you for advising readers to document themselves. I say use whatever means you have to defend and protect yourself and your family. Video tape, keep documented journal, write a book if you have to about the events at hand but never relay on remembering because you just won’t.

    1. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      Hello Dave,
      CPS will only comply once those abused by their actions take a stand. Many complain but are in fear to raddle their feathers. I’ve spoken to parents whom fear that CPS will sabotage their child reunification if they are found complaining about CPS ill treatment. Other whom regained child custody fear to say anything because they worry CPS will again remove their children. I have gone through a severe heart break as my child is being raised by others. CPS case plan is a never ending plan. It’s one of those things that are made to discredit a parent even more no matter how compliant we are. Financially the case plan is a burden on those with limited resources and low skills. Emotionally is draining. Sadly after one comes across and unethical worker, supervisors switch workers and even judges to avoid law suits. An individual like myself cannot then bring up the harm experienced by the unethical worker, yet CPS supervisors will utilize the prefabricated lies the worker left behind to use against you. God is fearful though. In this world all things are managed accordingly. God is ruler of all our actions & eventually he is the one whom provide us the means to take actions and defend our children. Do not lose hope. There are still a few good CPS workers out there. Therefore I advice everyone facing CPS to document themselves with any and all means possible. One must be able to have evidence when judgment day comes in family court. In God’s court there’s no need, for he’s seen it all and knows it all.

  12. Maureen

    Hi Dixie, don’t know if you remember me. we met a while back in 2001 in N.Y. my company did business with you at CompUSA. You assisted me with onsite training many times in early 2000. Thank you or your patience. I came across your site while browsing the internet about a week ago. I hope this is the Dixie from CompUSA. If I’m mistaken I apologize. Either way I’ve copied and pasted this article I read in Forbe’s. Either way If you’re not the same Dixie, please accept my apologies and I hope this article can be of help.

    Staten Islander Fausat Ogunbayo, 46, has filed a shocking $900 trillion federal suit against the City Of New York for placing her two children in a foster home over three years ago.

    In court documents filed last week, Ogunbayo has accused the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) and city for causing economic hardship, substantial economic injuries and violating her and her children’s civil rights. Her sons, removed in June 2008, are now ages 16 and 13.

    Ms. Ogunbayo alleges she and her children have suffered “over three years of terror, horror, grievous harm, time lost, substantial economic hardship and injuries” due to their separation.

    In removing the boys, the city contended Ms. Ogunbayo was mentally unstable and had refused treatment, said court papers. She allegedly suffered from hallucinations and delusions, and also left the boys at home alone for extended periods while she was working, the city maintained.

    Ms. Ogunbayo, who is representing herself, has branded the allegations a “huge lie.”

    Further, in her complaint she states the city “recklessly disregarded” her “right to family integrity.” Ogunbayo no doubt took note of a state Appellate Division decision from January in a separate case vacating the neglect charge by Family Court due to lack of evidence the boys were in “imminent danger.”

    1. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      I did work for CompUSA commercial sales department some years back in N.Y. What kind of training did I provide you? I’m sorry for asking but I dealt with many businesses and like to get a clear idea of who you are. By the way, thank you for the article on Forbe’s. It’s helped me learn more about the abuse promoted by CPS. I truly am grateful to you for the info. Please feel free to contact me via email anytime. I’m recently working with a different company now and am hoping to move on to bigger things. I’ve always believe in doing the proper things for those around me and I can see it’s paid off. You’ve contacted me. Please stay in touch and email me at

    2. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      Hello, I am Dixie whom worked in CompUSA in White Plains New York. Am glad to be remembered as a person of patience. It means a lot to me. Thank you. I moved to Las Vegas in 2003. I appreciate the article very much. Its very helpful. Three years ago CPS removed and expedited my little girl out of Nevada State to Washing State. Those were such difficult times. My little girl and I reunited two years ago this august. Yesterday Nina graduated the fourth grade with all honors. She even received a presidential academic awards as did her brother while growing up. Its been said “The Truth Will Set You Free.” Although CPS will not admit their actions against me being wrong, My daughter and I are still moving strong. I have a book release in the by end of September. I am trying to build help those dealing with abuse and prefabricated lies from CPS. Hopefully, I get to make a difference. Either way, thank you and am glad to be remembered.God bless

  13. yahyi

    Hello, I wish the US president would take action on the problems within the United States such as CPS abuse issues instead of focusing on other countries issues abroad. Why is it that only during election times political leaders and politicians speak of supporting changes in the USA but neither does anything to correct the problems once elected. I came across this most interesting article here in Ohio. Please take a moment to read. It might just become a resource point from

    Ohio: CPS Social Worker Fired For Not Following Court Orders

    An astute judge, Melba Marsh of the Common Pleas Court in Hamilton County, Ohio, discovered her orders were not being followed by CPS social workers. Last month she wrote a letter to three county commissioners about it. She wanted a child to live with relatives and to have supervised visits with parents, but her orders were ignored for more than four months.

    Because of this incident, CPS social worker Angela Harrison was found negligent and fired. She lost a $35,900/yr. job. Her supervisor, Michael Battle, retired from his job which brought him $57,137 annually.

    What To Do If Your CPS Social Worker Neglects To Follow Court Orders

    In my years of running the Fight CPS website I’ve heard from many people who say their social workers were not following court orders. A common scenario is that a judge orders a list of services – such as counseling, psychological testing, and parenting classes. Many CPS social workers drag their feet in getting these services started. Then, when they go back to court after six months they can say, “The parent has not complied with services.” Though technically it is the caseworker’s fault for not getting services started, the parents are blamed for not having had enough services to earn the right to have their children home again.

    If your caseworker is playing this game, be sure to keep good records of all contacts with the CPS social worker, write letters requesting that the services be started immediately, and phone the social worker every couple of days until you get what you need. By keeping good phone records and copies of your letters you may be able to use this documentation in court to show your judge that it is your caseworker’s error, not yours. Remember, good documentation is essential to fighting a CPS case in court.

    If need be, you can file an Administrative Hearing Request with your state department of social services, telling them that your CPS social worker isn’t providing services ordered by the judge. You have the right to this “Fair Hearing” process any time you’re dealing with an agency in the USA. If you request a hearing, an Administrative Law Judge from the state offices will go to your county to meet with you and CPS employees to review the case and make a decision about your complaints. I have done this several times as a representative for parents, and found it to be an effective way to get a case back on track when the caseworkers are doing their own thing and making families suffer because of it.

    The Importance of Child Protection

    According to an article about the Ohio CPS social worker firing, posted at Enquirer.Com, a Hamilton County administrator, Patrick Thompson, said, “It is imperative we send a message that this county will not stand for neglect of duty and that child protection is of the utmost importance to our Job and Family Services Department.”

    I too believe child protection is of the utmost importance. And I believe one thing we need to protect our children from is institutional child abuse perpetrated by the child welfare industry. Children forced into a life of suffering in foster homes when they yearn for their parents, grandparents, and siblings; children forced to take drugs to control their tantrums and traumatization brought on by the legal destruction of their families; children forced into mental hospitals because foster care providers can’t handle them; children abused in foster homes; – this is the kind of institutional child abuse that Fight CPS is concerned about.

    In most cases, children are better off at home where they are loved and cared about. Leave foster homes for those few children with no relatives who can care for them, who have been severely physically abused. Every other case of family destruction is abusive.

  14. loshonda

    hi, I totally understand your situation. I just moved to Las Vegas a year ago. My husband and I own a business near by. We are planning on starting a family but aren’t sure if we want to raise them here. There’s a neighbor whom lives across from us. She’s quite, hardworking and kind. She works for us for the past 4mths. Once she told us her nightmare with CPS we were doubt founded. This lady 3 sons ages 10,12 & 16 were removed from her two years ago. The oldest son was 14 & looked after his two yournger brothers while his mom returned home from work. She only worked a bit later than 6 never after 7p.m. Even though neither of her boys had any bruises or gone hungry thanks to her hard work CPS showed up at her home to remove all three boys. This woman has cried and suffered so much for her kids. It breaks my husband’s and my heart. We’ve come to her work dedication. There isn’t anything we ask that she might not do. She has a great attitude even though one can see how much she’s suffered. She had a difficult time finding work here in town. The worker she dealt with was cruel and evil to this poor woman. I hope the worker realizes that God’s grace is equally divided & that we must not hurt anyone just because we choose to feel better than anyone.

  15. james

    continue to document yourself. The only things that matter in court are those that can be proven. I’ve represented various individuals that for a lack of records weren’t able to win their case. Others had no problems being that they took the extra precaution to keep journals, pictures, and even videos. Please forward me all the documentation you have at your disposition and I will make sure to view it and provide you advise. Stay strong and be aware that the law does justice

    1. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      I appreciate your advice. I’ve made sure to document myself. At one point I got into trouble with the family court judge because the cps worker I dealt with told the judge that I made people nevervouse due to my video taping, recording etc. I must protect my child and believe as you’ve mentioned ” lock of records prevent a person from winning in court”. My goal isn’t to sue anyone however it is to provide prove of the lack of ethics and compassion by some workers.

      In my heart is believed that some people have cps workers have good intentions but sadly there’s always a bad apple. I will forward you the documents, and all I’ve gather. I hope you can provide me justice.
      Thank you,
      Dixie Eliason

  16. angelica sacassari

    I came across your website after trying to find help on google. I was researching CPS cases in order to receive some type of advice or legal help. It’s been months since i was accused of child abuse. I was accused of being under the influence even though that’s not the case. I work hard to support my children, tow jobs for that matter. cps is investigating the situation but being that this is the second time i’m being reported for such lies they aren’t willing to close the case right away. i fear my life will take a turn for the worst. i was never married. my living boyfriend left us over two years ago. i work two jobs in order for my kids not to miss out on the things other kids have or end up living at the projects. either way please advice me and let me know how i can make things right.
    i read the info you posted and it’s useful but being that this is new to me i fear to make a mistake.

    1. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      Hello theultimatewordofjesus. I am sorry to hear about your troubles. Dealing with such accusations is awful. Please do not lose faith. God is with your and you must believe that. Make sure to continue to hold unto your job and try to keep witnesses to any visits by cps. Do not speak to CPS while you’re alone in case you come across an unethical case worker like I did. As long as you’re able to pass the requested drug test cps will recommend all will be fine. If by any case you don’t I’m sure there’s a reason. Please know that I’m not trying to offend you or doubting you being clean. I am just saying. Either way I will pray for you & please feel free to contact me via email in case you need any help in the near future. Please document all visits and conversation with CPS, keep witnesses and make sure to request for cps to speak to friends, neighbors and family members regarding whom you are as a mother. May God be with you and your children. I know how difficult and hurtful it feel not to be with them.

  17. maria

    The situation with CPS is terrible. There’s so many people in search of assistance against CPS being that parenting civil right are being trashed

  18. james

    We(usa)have to start standing strong against all this awful CPS workers. they’re destroying the family nuclei

  19. martha

    when is all the abuse against parents going to end?I remember the days when we were able to discipline our children without having to ask the government’s approval. Who can aswer me that?

  20. Xiomara

    I’m sorry for all the trouble and pain you’ve dealt with. Honestly my heart goes out to so many people dealing with Cps abusing and overriding parental right

  21. mockingbird

    I went through similar abuse while divorcing. my wife had cps step in and lies after lies almost destroyed my life. my kids are awesome but damaged by these cruel government branch

  22. katagna

    my lord will make sure that all these children that get taken by cps will grow up to disolve it. this is a travesty that has lasted too many years.i personally experienced a traumatic experience once my sister passed away.her kids went into the system and cps stepped in saying that they didn’t believe my husband and myself were good enough to care for them. the kids are grown up now and are totally against cps.they ruined their chance for a happy upbringing

  23. jimenezM

    The more I research CPS or read about their negligence against parents and children. The sad part is that our taxes pay for such entity. This is not a government.CPS is parental communism!! Stop abusing our & splitting our family in trillion pieces!! Where’s Obama in all this?

  24. Shraken

    Does anyone read the news? those people are not saving kids, they’re stealing kids. Give our kids back…

  25. Cynthia

    dealing with cps is difficult being that they’re laws have bylaws and so forth. this type of abuse isn’t something new. CPS gives me pain in the pit of my stomach. Most non-for-profit organizations are afraid to step forward and help people in need. I know it first hand.not being able to provide children the highest standards of living is not abuse. loving them and caring for whom they’ll become is

  26. Stiller

    i’ve cried and gotten so pissed at cps for over 3mths. they can’t tell me i’m an addict or accuse me of abusing my kid based on bullshit people who have an agenda against me.

  27. Solis

    We the people must gather together to make sure CPS stops making false accusations against parents that are not at fault of any abuse. In my town there have been way over 200 reported child abuse cases against innocent people. Sadly to say most of the accused parents have been without benefit of a doubt at fault. The ludicrous fact is that their CPS workers lied, manipulated and sabotaged their existence. How can anyone do commit such cruel acts against innocent people whom do their very best to care for their loved ones. One must consider the fact that the District Attorneys are as much at fault as are the CPS workers. We must campaign against these workers.

    1. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      Two years after my little girl was psychologically abused and alienated from me, we reunited with the help of God. Towards the end the CPS worker was replaced as well as the judge. Even the district attorney was being the judge to return my daughter back to me. It seems as though the lid of chaos was about to erupt on CPS, therefore my little girl’s return had to be granted. We have been back together for almost two years. We’re closer than before and much happier. I appreciate your visit and hope to some day bring an effective campaign against these workers.

  28. marcos

    I believe in your statement and story regarding that cps worker. we have been through similar experience to an extent. May God bless you and reunify you with your daughter. I’m sure she misses and love you.

    1. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      I appreciate your blessing. Fortunately, my daughter and I reunified two years ago. Yesterday she graduate fourth grade with honors and also received a presidential academic award. She is back to being her happy self and doing wonderful in school as she did before CPS took her away. God is good all of the time. I live for the love of my daughter. I promised to never give up on her and am doing my best to build a legacy for all the children abused by a corrupt system. Thank you so much.

  29. mariaCeco

    Hello, i worked for the county for many years. i’ve seen it all but as a worker there was nothing i could of done to help others without jeopardizing my position at work. many agency workers feel the same.

    1. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      I do understand your position in the system. A case worker attempted to help me but feared to overstep her boundaries in fear to loose her job. Sadly, the only workers who’s jobs are secure are the unethical ones. I guess society fails to realize that there’s a higher power above ourselves whom makes things right in the end. Thanks for your comment

  30. sonsforanarchy

    This situation with CPS is ridiculous. the government refuses to help the public and at the same time they damage our reputation without reasons other than making themselves look good

  31. Laura

    All this chaos is not do to budget cuts. It’s all do to mismanagement of Child Protective Service with our children. So many ask themselves how come the new generation has lost moral. Guess whom created the outcome?

    1. Profile photo of ninasharininashari Post author

      Hello Laura,
      In my case the CPS worker in charged of my case spent countless hours expediting my little girl out of state. The budget cut was not relevant to her elicit and cruel actions. I don’t believe that new generations have lost moral, because they would have to had learned from older generations. In my book you’ll learn details of whom created the original catastrophe and how I strived to create a better outcome. I appreciate your post and thanks for the visit

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