“Learn The Rules”


During the separation from my little girl, I spent hours researching ways to find help from those in my situation. I praise God and thank the author of the information below. They care enough  for others to adjust the balance of justice, through important content. I cannot display his/her personal information therefore; the content is the only thing posted.

The information below, helped me be aware of whom I was  dealing with.  Knowledge is power!

Our child/children’s safety is the priority of every loving parent. Not be near to protect and care for our beloved children, forms worries and devastation within us.

Stealing your own children doesn’t just jeopardize your freedom and likelihood. It is not a productive and effective way to regain custody.  Please think about the legal consequences you’ll face. Most important, think about the safety of your child/children. Neither of you should ever live in fear of persecution. What if anyone hurts you or your child? Who can protect either of you then?

Trust in logic. Do not give into making an unrepairable mistake,  which can cause not just your safety, but that of your loved ones as well. You are not alone! There are many parents like myself willing to lend a hand.
Please Read, Learn and Apply this information to succeed in the reunification process.

Do Not Forget the law and regulations. EVEN IF They DO! They use illegal police state tactics, and have all the power. They do not fear the law or any consequences to themselves personally, since no one can touch them. Everyone, even judges and lawyers, are scared of that power of Child Protective Services.

Please remember that there is a big difference between the “system”, the government agency which makes the policy and protects it’s people from accountability, and the people who work in the system. Many of them are quite decent and want to help.

However, they cannot help in most cases, because people are not machines who can be “fixed” by going to programs, or changed by being bullied. Many good social workers find this out, and discover to their horror just how corrupt the agency is, and leave it. Others try to reform it. Some just get cynical and weary and just do their job, becoming tools in the hands of the truly evil bureaucrats at the top.

Some caseworkers are not trained adequately to know the difference between actual abuse and minor harm,  so they take thousands of children every year from families who have not abused them. Spanking, arguing, accidents, even praying, are now considered to be abuse or neglect.

Even if they don’t take the children, they still find the smallest little pretexts for investigating and opening a case, and staying involved with your family for long periods. This includes monthly visits, all kinds of reports, additional assessments, making you go to programs and services, and generally telling you what to do – OR ELSE!,

Often rearranging scheduled of their set programs to disarray your own. This tactic works on their favor because parents have to take time out of work to meet those programs. Most employers will not accept for anyone to have increased work absences.

If you have intentionally abused or neglected your children, that is a different story, and you should get a lawyer to help you. Even if you have ignorantly abused or neglected your children, there is much less that can be done to stop them. (Children are to be protected from abusers)

These materials are specifically directed at persons who have NOT abused or neglected their children, but are falsely accused.

Most people simply do not believe that a government agency charged with helping families and children would use these police-state tactics set out below. Believe it. Sometimes it takes months of being on the business end of their dirty tricks before a person finally realizes that the DFCS agent is NOT their friend. This information will help you shorten that process of disbelief, and allow you to start protecting yourself before more damage is done to your family.

This material is not a substitute for good legal help. You need a good, dedicated lawyer in order to win. To have a chance against them, you and your lawyer must fight like your children’s future depends on it. It does.


Dirty Trick No. One

The DCF will pretend to help you, when they are really gathering evidence to take your children. It’s a new police state out there.

They Want Your Kids

The first DFCS dirty tricks make you think they would NEVER use dirty tricks to take your children. Beneath the nice exterior of your friendly DFCS agent is a person whose job is to take children – your children. DFCS takes children from about 25% of the families for which they provide services, and that percentage is on the increase.

They Only Want to “Help” You

DCF is there to help you, right? Wrong. Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Jim Wright, a wiley Texan, was a master at “helping” his opponents. He would say, when he was trying to twist the arms of his colleagues, “Ah only want to hep yew.” When he was “heppin’ yew”, that’s when you had to be the most careful. It is the same with the DFCS.

Some case workers want to help families, and some don’t. However, the system itself is the core problem and rarely does. Most case workers don’t know or respect the restrictions in the law against taking children, and no one holds them accountable. Even judges cannot reign them in. So they do as they please, not what the law allows or requires. They have managed to form their own secret police, just like in Communist countries.

Many people ask the agency for “voluntary services”, only to find out too late that asking for help brings the whole bunch of trouble down on them and their families. That is literally asking to have your children taken.

The Law Requires Them to Try to Unite Families

The law says that Department of Family Children Services must try to unite families, not destroy them. Their law says “It is hereby declared to be the policy of this Commonwealth to direct its efforts, first, to the strengthening and encouragement of family life for the protection and care of children . . .” They talk about help, and stabilizing intact families, and therapy, but it’s all a cruel lie. They really want to take your kids, or to employ a bunch of social workers to buzz around your head like yellow jackets for a year or so.

So, their first dirty trick is to say they want to help you. Don’t fall for it. They will offer “services”, and home visits, and nice chats about your life and the bad things your spouse did. Don’t buy it. Shut up. They do not want to help you. Be pleasant, but firm. As explained in the next section, if you talk, or accept their ‘services’, you may never see your children again.

Play by the Rules – Lose Your Children. Can This Be Happening in America?

If you foolishly think that all workers will play by the rules, then they will exploit your weakness, and take your children. If you play by the rules, they will exploit that, and take your children. But if you know how the game is played, you may have a chance to keep your children, or get them back after they are taken. The secret police can be outsmarted.

You will likely ask yourself, “How can this be happening in America?” It IS happening, and it is because politicians have been willing to compromise liberty and family rights for support from radical Marxists and feminists who demanded these laws. While no one was watching, these people stole our American System of law and due process, and family rights, and liberty, and quietly substituted this new nightmare of a secret police system that you are now dealing with.

People assume that they will get justice in our courts. No longer. It’s gone. The old America that respected family privacy is gone. A new Soviet-style system has taken its place. The sooner you acknowledge that horrible reality, the sooner you stop believing that the old system just HAS to give you justice, the sooner you can start fighting back in an effective manner.

Dirty Trick No. Two

The caseworkers will try to get you to talk. SHUT UP!! Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law to take and keep your children.

SHUT UP! Everything You Say Will be Used Against You in a Court of Law To Take Your Kids. Shut up until your tongue bleeds if you have to.

The two most important words to know in dealing with caseworkers  “SHUT UP”. You have the right to remain silent, but they will try to get you to talk. They will threaten you, smile at you, tell you they will take your kids, anything to get you to talk. Without your words, they have only what they can coerce out of your children, doctors, friends, school snitches, or therapists.

Of course, everyone has heard the “Miranda” warning on cop shows and movies, about the right to remain silent. Well, it is true. More people than you would ever believe go to jail because of what they themselves told the police.

You have to be quiet about anything involving your family, while all the while showing that you are being “cooperative” and complying with the social worker. This is not an easy task being cooperative and silent at the same time, but you must do it.

“If You Talk, We May Go Easier On You”

The DCF agent will try to convince you to talk, because she only wants to “help” you, and they will make trouble for you if you don’t. Don’t believe them. Without your “disclosures”, they can’t destroy you, unless you know that someone else has given them the information. Put another way, with your disclosures, they CAN destroy you.

Many people panic, feeling that they nothing to hide, so they talk. However, if you do, you may never see your children again. Why? Because these are trained interrogators, and you are no match for them.

What do they want to talk about? Anything, because you will eventually give them a tidbit about abuse here, a “disclosure” there, maybe a story about you placing your children in time out, and then, out of your own mouth, they have their case against you.

For example, if you admit to having trouble with your spouse, the DCF agent may force you to get a restraining order, and throw the “abuser” out. You will have to write out a statement under oath about the “abuse”. Then, they have their case against your family, using your own words to prove there is “domestic violence”. The victim of abuse will than be held responsible for having poor judgement and having allowed being abused. Than DCF will tell the courts that your children are in danger of future abuse because you lack good judgement.

If you talk, you will destroy your family by your own words. You may have merely complained about some minor thing about your spouse or partner, but you just made their case for them. You may never see your children again. So, SHUT UP! I cannot say it too forcefully, or enough.

If a Criminal Matter is Pending, You CAN’T Talk

It is particularly important to not speak if the DCF thugette has referred your case to the District Attorney for possible prosecution. You should tell the social worker that because they have made false allegations against you and accused you of a crime, you cannot speak about things until that is resolved. They may retaliate and threaten you with legal action, so this has to be handled carefully.

Everything You Say Will be Twisted

Everything you say will show up in a report, in a twisted version you will not recognize. If you say you argue with your husband, the report will say, “Husband is verbally abusive”. If you say that you discipline your children by spanking them, the report will say, “Parents physically abuse children.” If you tell them you are depressed, the report will say, “Parent has severe mental health issues.” If you say you had a glass of wine with dinner  DCF will label you “Alcoholic”

Then they will send you to their approved therapist to obtain further admissions, who they can count on to secretly report to them every word you say, in violation of the patient confidentiality law. Don’t go to therapy unless you are absolutely certain that the therapist despises DCF.

So what should you do? Act like a prisoner of war, which you are. Give them your name, rank and serial number, and nothing more, while learning how to chat them up very pleasantly about everything BUT your family.

Get a Lawyer!

The best thing you can do is get a lawyer, the right kind of lawyer, one who understand how DCF despises parents reunification, and then you can having him/her speak for you. Tell the DCF agent that you are terribly sorry, that you really want to cooperate, but your lawyer has told you that all communication must go through him. Do not sign anything, particularly a “Service Plan”, because it will have admissions galore in it. Just tell them that your lawyer has instructed you to not sign anything until he can review it. (Make sure every legal document and communication DCF provides goes to your attorney)

You must do all this with a pleasant smile, and sound sorry that you can’t “help” them. Letting the lawyer do the proper things. What can they do? Everyone knows a good lawyer will do the right things for you.

So, SHUT UP. If you know just those two words, you will have prevented about 90% of your potential future problems.

Dirty Trick No. Three

DSS agents will abuse and traumatize your children themselves. In some cases even aid placement foster parents lie in court about your communication with your child/children making you seem negligent and violent in order to transfer your child out of state.

The DCF Agent – Profile of a Real Abuser

If you have ever had your children yanked out of your arms in your home by a DCF agent, or have been shoved aside by one in your own home so that she could talk to your child privately, or suffered some other indignity at their hands, you must wonder – what kind of monsters are these people?

Some of them are abusers under their their own definition. If you did the things they did, they would charge YOU with abuse.

Genuine abuse exists, of course, and is defined in the law as doing severe physical harm. Real child abusers should be criminally prosecuted, and jailed. But more often than not, the DCF agent’s definition of abuse is some psychic perversion of his/her own making, rather than real abuse. It often means you have religious or family beliefs that differ from those of the DCF agent, or that you spank your kid when he is bad. Recently, a petition for removal cited a mother praying with her child as harmful.

Some children have suffered the Lost of “Christmas Holidays” because they have been placed in homes that are against Christian beliefs. Parents have been told that Christmas or any of your own religious holidays longer count in your child’s life because they are no longer under your care.

Men are Abusers, Women are Victims, Children are Ours

Most DCF agents actually believe that children should belong to the state, and that parents are evil. Their motto could be:


This changes only if the woman will not become a victim for them, or if the man feminizes himself properly. If you play the victim (even a male victim), and you “need” them, they will work with you. If you keep your dignity and independence (even if you are a woman), then you must be crushed. Victims thrive in their perverse world. Independent people who do not need them have their children taken away.

Kid-less, Clueless

Many DCF agents do not have children of their own, and do not understand that families go through some bad patches once in a while, and just have to be given some room to work it out. The DCF agent, upon hearing from one of their police-state snitches, can swoop in like a vulture, and steal your children. No mercy. No explanations.

They will, without a pang of conscience, traumatize your children by prying their little fingers off your legs, as they wail and cry, and sticking them in their car, maybe never to be seen by you again. Or rip your children, screaming and panicked, from your arms, while sneering about what an abuser you are. Paul the Apostle nailed them when he called such people, “senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless.” (Romans 1:31).

Then, after ruining your whole life by taking your kids, DCF agents actually wonder why you don’t warm up to them, and don’t want to work with them. It’s as though they had punched you in the nose, and then wonder why you bleed.

Children Must Be Taken From Families!

Most DCF agents are either classic Fascists or Marxists, which means they believe children belong to the state. You, the parent, get to spawn, feed and clothe them, but then the state must educate them, train them to be wards of the state, and take them if you mess up. They believe the state is god, and support its domination in all spheres of life. They believe that rights derive from government authority, not from God, and so they resent all authority which does not acknowledge that. If you are religious, they will likely show a terrible bias against you because of it. They hate family autonomy, parental authority, home schoolers, and church authority. The police department is often investigated by Internal Affairs, The president by the country But DCF has no one above it’s entity to investigate their abuse of power.

This is not an exaggeration. Dr. Mary Jo Bane, Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of Administration for Children and Families in the Department of Health and Human Services, said: “If we want to talk about equality of opportunity for children, then the fact that children are raised in families means there’s no equality . . . In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them.” Her federal department is in charge of the national effort to mold state DCF departments into their image.

That is what the communists believe. The following statement issued at a congress of Russian Communist Party educators in 1918 sounds like the credo of the modern DCF agent:

“We must remove the children from the crude influence of their families. We must take them over and, to speak frankly, nationalize them.” The Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx, called for the “abolition of the family.” The DSS agents have read that book, and they are coming for your children.

Dirty Trick No. Four

The DCF will try to get one parent to say incriminating things about the other, especially about domestic abuse. If you are divorced or separated and your ex’s family want to adopt your child/children and are donating DCF under the table to that worker say Good bye to your child/children. The worker will fabricate, incriminate, violate and exaggerate anything against you. Being that they’re government in power of the United States of DCF America their bank accounts will never be reviewed. 

Divide and Conquer – Part 1. Getting One Parent to Rat Out the Other

One of the favorite DCF dirty tricks is to get one parent to say negative things about the other. This accomplishes many wonderful things from their viewpoint.

First Step- Get “Disclosures”

When DCF agents come to your door, they have one goal – to get “disclosures” from the children, or from one parent about how she fears the other, or how he ‘abuses’ her, or argues, or that there are some kind of family problems. Thus, the critical importance of the advice to SHUT UP, and to not say anything bad about your partner. If you do, it will be the beginning of the end, and these disclosures will form the basis for the DCF case against you, following like day after night.

If your children have already been Snatched from you, DCF couching will begin it’s process making sure that your children believe you did abuse them even if you never ever did or will.

When Family court requests for the worker to speak to your child and ask questions DCF power of suggestion against you will start the process of neglect in your child. Children endue believing suggested abuse did take place.

Second Step – Get a Restraining Order

If one parent says something negative about the other one, then the DCF agent can force the talking parent to get a restraining order against the other one. The DCF agent will usually threaten: “If you don’t get a restraining order against him, we will take (or keep) your children.” Then the person is forced to choose – husband or children.

They will then drive the woman/man  to court to get a restraining order, and even force her/him to commit perjury, by claiming he/she is suffering abuse when there is none. The court will almost always issue the order on coerced and perjured testimony. Never mind that forcing someone to testify falsely is a crime, called “suborning perjury”. Courts know they do it, but no one stops them.

The results of this are many. The man/woman is thrown out of the house. They have added to their ‘abuse’ statistics. To get the order, you have filled out a statement under oath claiming abuse, and they now have a basis for a case against your family.

Step Three – Get the Other Parent to Retaliate

With a restraining order now in hand, which “proves” abuse, and the “disclosures” the man/woman gives them, they now have proof that the other parent is unfit. Then, they will go to the other parent, usually the man/woman, and work him/her over. They will tell him/her the spouse said nasty things about him/her in an effort to get them to say of nasty things about each other. Either in defense or retaliation, the man/woman will often comply.

Now they can prove both parents unfit, and they almost own your family. Only one step remains. Get the children to make disclosures about the parents.

Using the power of suggestion by first being sweet to the child and telling him/her how smart and precious they are. Than telling the child “I want you to know that none of these is your fault” in order to sympathize with the innocence and ignorance of humanity.

Last is the kill. How do your mom/dad treat you? Do you like to play games or run around with friends? Does your mom/dad like your friends? Do they tell you not to be friends with so and so? Do you get punish for not listening? etc…At the end of the questions the kids may say “Yes they get mad at me for not doing my chores or for being friends with so and so”

Now DCF will go into court and tell the judge that ” Your child is in fear of you” that removal is in the best interest of the child.

If you cry in court DCF will tell the judge “That you are not in the proper mental state to care for your child” and if you get outrage and speak DCF will address the judge  and claim “That you have anger issues which affect the child’s warfare”

Dirty Trick No. Five

The DCF will try to get your child to make ‘disclosures’ about you, using manipulation, coercion, and fear.

Divide and Conquer – Part 2. Getting the Child to Rat Out the Parent

Whether or not they can get one parent to rat out the other, they will go to work on the children to make ‘disclosures’ about the parents. This is one of their dirtiest of tricks, and one of the many reasons why I believe that DCF agents are themselves abusers. They will manipulate your frightened children into saying almost anything that they want to hear. They have several tactics, described below:

Every Child Needs Therapy

First and foremost, EVERY child they steal goes into therapy, not to help the child, but to obtain disclosures against you. Obviously, every child they take cannot be mentally ill, but that does not matter- therapy is the order of the day. They must get the admissions from the child to make the case against you and prove you are unfit.

If the “therapist” can obtain any scrap of information from the child about you that may hint of abuse, she will breathlessly run to the DCF and excitedly tell the DCF agent. High fives all around. They now have a case!

The “therapists” they use are often unlicenced, and work for huge bloated “therapy mills”, which are little more than arms of the DCF. For example, South Bay Mental Health Associates has eight offices, each of them in a city with a DCF office. Four of the eight are in the same building as a DCF office! The other four are next door or nearby. The unlicenced “therapists” make illegal medical and clinical diagnoses of your child (even if the child’s own doctor has made a completely different diagnosis), to prove there has been abuse.

Drug ’em, And They’ll Talk

The DCF commissioner admitted in testimony to the Massachusetts State Legislature that they drug 88% of the children they kidnap! And these are not aspirin, but powerful anti-psychotic drugs, that are not even approved for children. Many children are fed several of these drugs, and the children turn into zombies, willing to say anything. They don’t even know where they are sometimes. The drug dealers (psychiatrists) are in cahoots with the DCF to do this to your precious babies. Child abusers!

Also DCF & child placement caregivers work together to make sure your child is coached. This means Pay Day for both the worker and the foster parent. Be aware that not all foster parents are abusers but 40% are on board on the child trade. This is why some of them adopt 4 to even 8 children in order to receive a paycheck increase every year of the children’s life. There is no worry in neither one of their minds about “Economical crisis in the United State” because The caregivers and DCF are united to make sure they never have to worry…

Prisoner of War Tactics

The tactics used by these fake therapists are akin to those used by interrogators in war. The strategies work with children, because they are frightened, traumatized, taken out of the security of their home, and are often being abused by their foster parents. Under these circumstances, your own children may say the most amazing and untrue things about you after a few months in captivity. In Soviet Russia, prisoners would eventually admit to most anything. Children often denied their parents & saw them as their enemies.

One technique they use is repeatedly suggesting to the child that mommy or daddy abused them. They implant the idea in the frightened child’s head until the child “recovers memories” of the past abuse. They repeatedly ask, “Did Daddy touch you there?” If the answer is no, they ask the same question more insistently, use doll therapy, or find some other way to make the child feel “comfortable” about making admissions.

In a very familiar case a worker and foster parents suggested to a child that the cancer patient mother’s meds were actual recreational drugs. The foster parents would often hug the child followed by toy shopping to compensate the suggested abuse of the parent.

These sessions can go on weekly for months, or even a year. After that amount of coercion, it is not surprising that they get admissions. The kids don’t even know what is reality and what is imagination after repeated interviews of this sort.

They always believe a child’s “disclosures”, but never his denials.

The process only goes one way, like a ratchet. If they can get a disclosure using coercion, manipulation, fear, emotional or physical abuse, appeal to pleasing the captors, or anything else short of torture, that admission becomes the “truth”. It can now never be denied, even if the child repeatedly recants it. Then they go to work to get the child to say more, which will also become more “truth” which can never be denied. They always believe a child’s disclosures, but never his denials.

Even if the story changes day to day, it does not matter. It is “real” to the child, even if it is fantastic and impossible in real life that it happened that way.

The best thing you can do to counter this dirty trick is to make sure, in advance, that your child knows that you only talk to mommy and daddy about things going on in the family, never outsiders. If your children have the inner strength to resist their predatory tactics, and don’t make disclosures to the interrogators, you will likely get them back.

Additionally, don’t send them to your enemies at the Gummint Skool, where everyone there is part of the snitch network, and working hand and glove with DCF against you.

Dirty Trick No. Six

The DCF will try to make sure you get a lawyer who will work with them, not against them.

Your Enemy, the Lawyer – Don’t Get One of Theirs

Not only will the DCF try to divide and conquer you, your partner, and your children, but they will try to compromise your lawyer, as well. This is especially true if each partner has a court appointed lawyer, along with a different one for the kids.

Yukking it Up With DCF and Its Lawyer

A lot of the lawyers who rely on DCF for their work are good friends with its lawyers and social workers, but you may not know it until it is too late. Some agree with the DCF agenda, and others are just too timid to stand up to them. Some never support parents.

How do you tell if you have the right lawyer? You have the wrong one if she tells you to cooperate with DCF without explaining HOW you must do it to avoid further harm. You certainly have to work with DCF on some level, but not uncritically and in a way that will make it worse.

You also may have the wrong lawyer one if you see her laughing it up with the DCF lawyer or social workers, unless she tells you it is a game to get them off guard and you know it is a ploy. One lawyer is so reliable for DCF, he has his own key to the local DCF office!

The right lawyer will have courage, will believe in the rights of the individual against the state, will respect constitutional restraint on government, will hate the police-state tactics of the DCF, will affirm parental and family authority against the state, will stand up to every unlawful and biased ruling of a judge without fear, and will hate the DSS with a gut-level hatred because it respects none of these things.

More Divide and Conquer

Another ploy by DCF is to have two separate lawyers for each spouse, who often work against each other. Although your partner is sometimes unfortunately your adversary, your real enemy is always DCF. However, the lawyers often work at odds with each other, attacking the other partner, rather than working to get the kids back from DCF together.

Dirty Trick No. Seven

After DCF takes your children, the court must give you a hearing within 72 hours. They rarely do. At the hearing, DCF will rarely meet the legal standard for keeping custody of your children, but will do so anyway.

The “72 Hour Hearing” A Cruel Mockery by DCF and The Court

If DCF takes your children, the law requires the court to schedule a hearing within 72 hours, where you can prove that they should give your children back.Check your state law. Some States have titles That 72 hours includes weekends, so if they snatch them late Friday (their favorite time, because the court isn’t open), they technically must give you a hearing late Monday. They don’t.

The DCF Dirty Tricks machine usually goes into overdrive at these hearings, because if you win, they have to give your children back to you, and you walk out with your family saved from the predators.

72 Hours or 72 Days

Their first tactic is to delay the hearing as long as possible, to get the disclosures from you and your children they need to put on their case. Courts accommodate, and often extend the hearing past the date required by law. The bright side of this illegal dirty trick is that you, too, get more time to prepare.

Waive the 72 Hour Hearing, and Wave Goodbye to Your Children

Many DCF lawyers will urge you to waive the 72 hour hearing, meaning to just agree that you are unfit right now and to skip the hearing. DO NOT DO IT, DO NOT DO IT, DO NOT DO IT,unless you perpetrated serious abuse or committed a criminal act. You must go on record as opposing the DCF taking your kids. If you do not, it can be used against you later, but worse is that fact that the law is so bad that if you give up on this hearing, it is the one and only chance you will have for a full year to try to get your kids back.

The divide and conquer strategy works very well for the DCF at these hearings. If they can get the spouses and their lawyers to go at each other at this early stage, instead of fighting the REAL enemy (DCF), they easily win. Tell your lawyer to fight in collaboration with the other lawyers as far as possible, so your kids may come home.

The Judge Will Ignore The Actual Legal Standard for 72 Hour hearings.

The legal standard for DCF keeping your children is in Mass. General Laws, Chapter 119, Sections 24 and 29C. The DCF often fails to prove their case, but the Judge will let them keep your children anyway. To keep custody of your children, the DCF must prove by a preponderance of evidence (that is, more likely than not), that:

  1. They have made “reasonable efforts” to prevent or eliminate the need for removal of a child from the home prior to stealing the child. They rarely do. (Section 29C)
  2. The child is “suffering from serious abuse or neglect OR is in immediate danger of serious abuse or neglect and removal is “necessary to protect the child from serious abuse or neglect” (Section 24) This means wounds, broken bones, burns, starvation, or the like. It does not mean spanking or psychic harm.
The DCF snitch network is like Fidel Castro’s Committees for the Defense of the Revolution. They will report any suspicious activity, and your kids disappear.

Dirty Trick No. Eight

The DCF agent will try to get into your home to do an assessment, but will use the evidence gathered there against you to take your children.

“We Just Need to Come in to Do Our Assessment”

DCF agents will want to come into your house many times during this ordeal, for any number of reasons. It is hard to keep them out, but try your best. They want evidence to use against you, no matter what excuse they give.

The DCF agents will say that they just want to come in for an ‘assessment’, or to get some basic information from you, or to see the condition of your home. However, what they really want is to separate your children from you and get “disclosures” of abuse, to get admissions from one parent about the other, to find defects in your housekeeping, or the like. Later visits will have the same purpose, though they will give other reasons.

Make ‘Em Get A Warrant

Should you let them in? Can you even keep them out? The answer is: Maybe. The law as written allows them to come in without a warrant, but the Constitution, which is over the law, does not. However, the issue has not been legally tested in our state to my knowledge. In the Western States, the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that DSS agents must have a warrant to enter when it is not an emergency. That has not happened in our area yet.

Please see the section entitled, “What to do when DCF comes to your door”.

The Massachusetts Declaration of Rights (the Massachusetts State Constitution), Part the First, Article XIV, states that:

Every subject has a right to be secure from all unreasonable searches, and seizures, of his person, his houses, his papers, and all his possessions. All warrants, therefore, are contrary to this right, if the cause or foundation for them be not previously supported by oath or affirmation; and if the order in the warrant to a civil officer, to make search in suspected places, or to arrest one or more suspected persons, or to seize their property, be not accompanied with a special designation of the persons or objects of search, arrest, or seizure: and no warrant ought to be issued but in cases, and with the formalities prescribed by the laws.

This Article says they cannot come in or take your children without a warrant. However, courts usually ignore the clear wording of our Constitution, and turn a blind eye to this outrageous wrong. Their excuse is that the law does not apply because the “best interest of the children” overrides the law.

My recommendation: Stand on your rights, and politely, but firmly, demand a warrant before letting them in. Talk to your lawyer before doing this, because it is risky, even though it is right. If there is a policeman with a gun, who will not back off when confronted with the Constitutional requirement to get a warrant, you better let him in, and live to fight another day.

Dirty Trick No. Nine

The DCF has a network of “mandated reporters” everywhere your child is, to snitch on you. All helping professionals are required to report you to DCF if they suspect abuse; The people you think will help you will now betray you, even clergy.

Everyone is a Snitch- Who Can You Talk To?

One of the scariest DCF dirty tricks is a vast Soviet Style snitch network which they have set up all over the state, with the force of law, to report you to the authorities. This network is made up of ALL teachers, doctors, nurses, counselors, therapists, police officers, dentists, chiropractors, day care workers, school counselors, clergy, etc. These people must report any suspected “abuse”, or be prosecuted and fined. They cannot be prosecuted for making a false report, unless it is frivolous. See Mass. Gen Laws Chapter 119, Section 51A. They can only be nailed if they DO NOT report, so they do.

All these people, called “mandated reporters”, have been endlessly taught the importance of reporting. All their professional seminars, their whole culture, demands that they report just in case. When in doubt, they report. Then, if there really is abuse, they won’t get in trouble. Thus, the DCF has a seamless web of snoops and spies just about everywhere a child is likely to be.

The Cubans under Fidel Castro have a similar system, called Committees for the Defense of the Revolution. Each block has a snitch group that reports anything suspicious, or any criticism of the government. Then, the person simply disappears. Just like your kids do.

Even Your Child is a Snitch

Even worse, you are no longer safe from the DCF police in your own home. They have also found a way to turn your own child against you. At the government (public) school, children are given the DCF phone number, and are taught to report things they see in the home to the authorities, like corporal punishment, drug use, and even family arguments. They break down children’s respect for their parents, and foster a submission to the state.

Hitler had a similar, and very effective program that did this, called the “Hitler Youth”.

What they don’t tell a child is that if he reports his parents to DCF, he may destroy his whole family forever. The child may be mad about getting disciplined, so he’ll get even by siccing DCF on them. That is especially common in divorce situations where the children are experiencing pain of losing a parent, and in teenagers who are starting to rebel and want to leave home.

Then, once they get the report from the child, they can swoop in with the armed enforcers and take that child, and all the other ones, too, just in case. Of course, DCF didn’t tell the child that it would happen that way, but now it’s now too late, just like Judas.

You Thought You Were Getting Help

When you go to a therapist to get help, when you take Johnny to the emergency room if he falls off his bike, or when you talk to his school counselor, watch out. You are now a suspect. The person to whom you turned for help is likely your enemy, and may turn you in. You may go for help, and end up losing your kids. You need to think differently about how to get help, and check out any helpers very carefully. You can’t just ask directly either, or they will get suspicious of that. You need to talk for a while and see if you can elicit an opinion of the agency somehow, without arousing any concerns.

Of course, never ask the DCF for help. Many people do, and lose their kids.

Where Can You Go?

Who can you go to? Only one group of professionals cannot be made to divulge what you tell them:Your ex’s Lawyers. Anyone else can rat you out: Your minister, your doctor, your friend, your child’s teacher, anyone.

Lawyers have what is supposed to be an ironclad duty not to say anything to DCF, called “attorney-client privilege”. Many lawyers, however, wanting to curry favor with DCF, will actually betray their client’s confidences. So, find a lawyer who hates DCF, and tell him your problems. That lawyer may be able to help you find a medical professional who hates DCF enough to not report if your child has been hurt.

Solve Half of Your Snitch Problem With This One Action

The other thing you MUST do is get your children out of the government (public) school. It is the major pipeline from DCF to your child. DCF takes children right out of school when they can coerce them into making “disclosures”, and they don’t come home that day. Sometimes DCF doesn’t even tell the parents, and when mom comes to pick up the child at the bus stop, there is no child, and no one knows why. Needless to say, the parents are frantic, until they finally figure out what happened.

If you send your kids to a government school, you are sending them to your enemy to be educated. They will be taught to hate you and your values, and to sell you out. They will learn to love everything you hate, and to hate everything you love. Get them out, before it’s too late. This is the principle of “staying under the radar”, which we review in detail in the “Fight Back” section.

Dirty Trick No. Ten

If DCF takes your children, they will keep them a year, and try to adopt them out. They earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year per child taken, and keep a lot of cronies in work.

Follow the Money – There’s Gold in Them Thar’ Kids

If DCF has stolen your children, you are probably tormented, thinking, “Why? Why?”, anguishing day after sleepless night over why this has all happened. As with many things in life, when there seems to be no rational basis for what has happened, there really is a hidden one – follow the money.

In this case, the DCF can make a ton of money by ‘leasing’ out your child to a foster home for a year, and then ‘selling’ (adopting out) the child at the end of the ‘lease’. While the child is in their captivity, they can leverage lots of state and federal cash from numerous medical, educational and therapy programs. If DCF can get you to incriminate yourself, or manipulate your child into making false disclosures, they can get a court to terminate your parental rights, and then adopt the child out, for more big bucks.

The More They Take, the More They Make

Federal law actually establishes adoption quotas for each state, with bonuses for each child adopted out, and even more money for every child adopted exceeding the quota. ‘Special needs’ children earn even more, both during the ‘lease’ period and at the final ‘sale’. A researcher in one state found that a severely needy child can earn its masters up to $250,000 a year in government money. We are still awaiting the figures for the Commonwealth, but the state budget for the DCF alone is approaching a billion dollars, not including the money for lots of outside contractors and medical care.

If They Can Keep the Children Long Enough, They Must Be Adopted

Keeping the children for a year is important, because, under a new law, they must adopt them out after 15 months! So, if DCF can keep your children a little over a year, they can sell them for some significant cash. They will drag out the case as long as possible to manipulate this outcome. Yes, they will literally SELL your children because they themselves have kept them too long. You should see, as I have, the DCF agents having warm fuzzies over this, while the parents bitterly weep.

We have evidence to believe, but cannot definitively prove, that individual DCF agents take bribes from adoptive parents to buy babies. Because the evil state laws have made adoption so difficult, expensive, and controlled by state-granted monopolies, adoption is horrendously expensive. A few grand to the DCF agent saves tens of thousands, and gets the process moving a lot better in court. The social worker merely has to lie or shade the truth about the parent’s fitness, and maybe share the loot with others who will lie as well. And the parents never see the child again.

If you finally manage to get your case to trial, that is the first time you or your lawyer will be allowed to tell your story to a judge. However, the fact that DCF has kept your children for a year can actually be used against you at the trial! The DCF will argue that it would traumatize the children to take them from their foster home, because they have now bonded with the foster parents. In their warped view, it would traumatize them to send them back to the parents, even though it didn’t bother them to rip your baby out of your arms a year before at gunpoint.

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 210, Section 3, actually makes bonding with the foster parents a basis for terminating parental rights. They take the children, delay the trial, and then use that as a reason why they need to keep them.

Other states General Laws are equal to Massachusetts or similar. Check with your attorney to be sure.

Dirty Trick No. Eleven

The DCF will try to get you to sign a “service plan” that will incriminate you, and help them get information to make their case against you.

Service Plans – “Sign Ze Papers, Or Else”

After the DCF gets involved with your family at any level, from an administrative case or actually taking your child, you are then ready for one of their next dirty tricks – the so-called “Service Plan”.

This 7 to 10 page document is a cut-and-paste monstrosity that serves the purposes of the DCF: That is, to get you to give evidence against yourself, and to remold you into embracing big brother through therapy and re-education. It keeps you occupied with the hope that you will get your children back, while it dampens your anger against the nice folks who kidnapped them.

These plans start out with a “problem statement” on the front that is usually trumped up and not true. Then, inside it is full of lists of allegations about what a loser you are and all of your failings as a parent. It looks like it was written by the Soviet Minister of Ideology, with lots of psycho-babble and really immature suggestions for complex problems.

Don’t sign it, unless your lawyer advises you to do so. If you sign it, you are admitting to your ‘crimes’ (sometimes literally), committing yourself to therapy, and possibly ensuring that you will never see your kids again. The DCF agent will exert much pressure to have you sign this plan. Don’t do it, despite their threats that not cooperating will make it worse for you, and prolong getting your kids back.

There are many other good reasons to not sign their plan. For example, many plans require attendance at a batterers program. If you go to such a program, you are given two bad options: 1) Admit you are a batterer, and then you will not get your kids back; Or 2) Deny you are a batterer, then you are a “batterer in denial”, and you will not get your kids back. Either way, you lose.

Every service plan requires therapy, the sacred DCF sacrament, and it must be from a therapist of their choice, so that DCF can have access to all the information to help them make their case against you. Women are often sentenced to attend group victim therapy, where everyone is supposed to sit around and whine about their victimhood, and affirm everyone else’s. No one is allowed to get past her victimhood, or there would be no need for the social workers and whiny victim groups. Millions of immature facilitators would be thrown out of work. Often, statements made at these victim groups are immediately reported to the secret police at DCF.

The best tactic to finesse DCF pressure to sign their service plan, is to tell them that 1) Their regulations require the plan to be put together in consultation with you, and the social worker did not do that; and 2) you must show it to your lawyer, and can’t sign it without his approval. This can create substantial delay.

In any case, you must get a copy of the service plan. Then, actually do as many of the activities required by the plan, as possible, without telling them you are doing so. Get your own therapist who hates DCF, and get a psychological evaluation, and a glowing report about your therapy sessions. Go to a parenting class. Get urine drug screens, if that is on it. Do whatever activities on the plan that will not cause either a report to be made to DCF, or cause a bad result later.

Then, when you go to court for a hearing, and the DCF agent gets on the witness stand and says you will not cooperate, you can pull out all the reports and evidence that shows that you did everything they required, and aren’t they going to be embarrassed!

Dirty Trick No. Twelve

The DCf will withhold key records that you need to make your case, even though they are required by law to give them to you.

Records? What Records? We Ain’t Got No Stinkin’ Records.

It is a well documented fact that DCF plays dirty tricks with their records, in many ways. They alter and falsify them, in order to make you look worse or themselves better. They ‘lose’ ones that are helpful to you. They withhold or delay giving you records when you ask for them, in order to keep important information out of your hands. They ‘redact’, or black out, key parts, so you can’t see their dirty tricks.

You are allowed, by law, to get records. In fact, they MUST give them to you. (Mass. Juvenile Court Rule 9(A)) The procedure is explained in the appropriate part of the ‘Fight Back’ section. They keep many kinds of records, and they often fail to give you any that they think you don’t know about. Familiarize yourself with them, so you can ask for all the different kinds.

Insist on getting every scrap of paper. Many treasures await you. For example, the little-known and super-secret Section 29C form, where they often perjure themselves about why they took your children. Or the dictation, where they type into a computer data base the content of every phone call, conversation or visit. They put the most amazing things on paper that will help you make your case, but you won’t know it unless you get everything they have.

Whatever State you live in does not matter “Document Yourself”

Dirty Trick No. Thirteen

The DCF allows you to challenge their findings of abuse – But their own agents do the review, usually a year or two later, and call it a “Fair Hearing”.

The ‘Unfair’ Hearing – A DCF Agent Rules on Whether a DCF Agent Did the Wrong

Thing. ####

After the DCF files a report of suspected abuse or neglect against you under some Laws support” the finding after an investigation under , meaning that they believe it is true, you have an opportunity to contest that finding at a so-called “Fair Hearing”. It is “fair” in the same way a communist show trial is fair – first they try you, then they shoot you.

After you get a written decision that the DCF supports abuse, you have thirty days to send to the Boston DCF Lair and apply for a ‘fair hearing’. The address is on the notice they send you. (24 Farnsworth St., Boston, MA)

Then comes the first dirty trick. They will send you a machine produced form that says they can’t get to your hearing within the allotted time (90 days under their regs), and they can’t even tell you when they can tell you when they can maybe think about setting up a hearing date.

A year or two later, when you finally do get your hearing, then comes the second dirty trick: The hearing is conducted, not by a judge, but a DCF lawyer! At the beginning of the hearing, the DCF lawyer puts on a show by reading into the record that she is neutral, and has no interest in the outcome. Uh-huh.

Even though they almost always affirm that you are an abuser, still go through it. Only then, can you appeal to a court. Plus, it puts on record that you disagree.

Dirty Trick No. Fourteen

The DCF will rarely let you visit your children, and will not let you show them affection when you do.

One-Size Fits-All Approach to Visitation

The DCF has a one-size-fits-all approach to visitation with your children: Everyone gets one or two visits a month – supervised. Small babies may get a little more. At these visits, the DCF agent will be watching you like a cat watching a mouse. You won’t be allowed to show too much affection to your child. The DCF feeds your children with all kinds of negative things prior to these visits – even telling them that they will never go back home.

Do everything you can to reassure them that you love them and that you are fighting for your family. However, if you show too much affection, or encourage your children to resist their captors and hang in there, the DCF agent may stop the visit. Go up to the edge of where they will not terminate the visit early.

If you and your child have a very close bond DCF will make sure the visitations and calls are strictly  supervised to avoid for your child to get close to you. The physical separation your child suffers assists DCF suggest to the child that you do not want to be around him/her. Child resentment is DCF goal. The child resents you and eventually lashes out to you. “DCF has than achieve the goal of  breaking the bond of you and your child”

Well Looky Here – Another Abuse Complaint

Another visitation dirty trick is to file a new abuse complaint right before you go to court to get your visitation increased, so that they can say: “Horrors, no! There have been more disclosures of abuse. We can’t agree to more visits. In fact, we want to terminate them.” It doesn’t matter that you have not been alone with your kids unsupervised for months. Under continual DCF interrogation, the children have ‘recovered memories’ of how you abused them.

Dirty Trick No. Fifteen

Although the law requires the DCF to place your children with relatives, if available, they will try to stop it if the relatives are close to you and want the best interest of the child.  

Placement With Closed Relatives Means Loss of Control

If the DCF has stolen your children, the law requires the agency to consider placing them with relatives, if some are available, rather than in a foster home. One of their dirty tricks is to delay and frustrate all efforts to do that. The reason is that they lose control. Their foster parents can be counted on to report any ‘disclosures’, and to help with the case for permanently removing you from the picture. Closed Relatives, on the other hand, usually want to help reunite a family, which is what the DCF is charged with doing, but the exact opposite of what they want to do.

Unless DCF is able to find relatives whom are resentful or angry at you for  any reason, the child is then placed.

Push hard for the placement with close relatives, and don’t let their excuses deter you. They will usually do anything they can to drag their feet. Just keep pushing.

If all your pushing gets you nowhere, you could be the victim of one of their particularly dirty tricks: They may have secretly promised, or at least encouraged, the foster parents that they could adopt your children after a year. (Or have been working diligently for an unemployed and grudgeful relative to take first serve at your child’s adoption) You may find this out from the DCF records you obtain. This may explain why the DCF will not place your children with close relatives despite all your pushing, even when the relatives are clearly an excellent place for them to be. If they promised the foster parents  or unemployed relatives the title to your children, DCF will use every delay tactic possible to not place them with your close relatives and avoid obeying the law. Unfortunately, few judges stand up to this.

Dirty Trick No. Sixteen

The DCF will keep you from any legal challenge to their custody of your children for a year or more.

No Chance to Stop Them for a Year

One of their dirtiest and most hidden tricks, if the DCF has taken your children, is that you will not have a chance to challenge the DCF in court until the very end of the whole process, a year or more later.

This dirty trick involves depriving you of what the law calls “due process”. Due process means that you have an opportunity to have your case heard in court in a timely fashion, that you get the legal protections provided by the state and federal constitutions, that you are innocent until proven guilty, that your parental rights are protected from improper state interference, and many other rights. You may have noticed that DSS and the court give you none of these things.

You will be at hearing after hearing, month after month, but the judge will never let you talk to her about any evidence until the trial. You can fight like crazy at all the pre-trial hearings, but it will all do no good. The DCF wants the children for the full lease period of at least a year, and they can hold you off for that amount of time, because the law gives you no due process rights.

Some few children will come home during the one year period, because the alleged offense by the parents is minor. However, it appears that they have recently increased the percentage of children they keep, and they want to terminate the parental rights of as many as possible.

The Terrible Twins – Isaac and Jeremy

How can they do this? A terrible duo of cases decided by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, called Care and Protection of Isaac, and Care and Protection of Jeremy, have given the DCF virtually unfettered power to do what they want. A judge can’t even stop them from keeping your children, no matter how obvious it is that you are fit parents, and even if you bring in piles of evidence, and prove it so even the O.J. Simpson jury would believe it. You will still not get your ‘day in court’ until a year or more has elapsed.

Because you do not get a chance to prove your case for a year, you must do everything possible to keep your children in your possession in the first place. Possession is nine tenths of the law when it comes to the DCF.

Dirty Trick No. Seventeen

If the DCF can’t get you for abuse or neglect, it will get you for not stopping abuse and neglect by your partner i.e., “Safety issues” or “Putting them at risk”.

We Have to Get Them For Something

When the DCF can’t accuse a person of abuse or neglect, because the accusation is against the other partner, they will still try to drag the non-offending partner into it. They do this by saying the innocent partner didn’t stop the other person from committing abuse or neglect. They call this neglect by not keeping the child safe from a perpetrator.

It does not matter if you had no idea it was going on. It does not matter if you would have had to lunge ten feet across a room like Superman to stop your child from being spanked. It does not matter if it is a completely false allegation, and there was not ever any abuse or neglect to stop. You are an ‘enabler’, and you must “recognize the other parent as an abusive caretaker”. (Parents are never ‘parents’ any more; They are ‘caretakers’.)

This is one of those dirty tricks that is very hard to oppose, because it addresses a ‘thought crime’, rather than actual abuse or neglect. The DCF solution is usually in the form of a ‘Service Plan’ which requires the parent to admit committing the thought crime of knowing the other person was an abuser (whether it happened or not) and ‘owning’ that new way of thinking.

Never Forgive – Never Get Over It

If only one partner is accused of being abusive or neglectful, the DCF will go into a frenzy over ‘safety issues’ or ‘putting the children at risk’ with the other parent, and end up causing far more problems than they pretend to solve. Rather than try to address the problems, and reconcile the family, they toss a grenade into the already difficult situation, and create distrust, mutual accusations, and ruin any chance of reconciliation. They actually despise forgiveness and “moving on”, because then there are fewer victims for them to help. Until their ‘victims’ define the whole of their remaining life in terms of their victimization, they are not thinking properly.

Rather than try to modify abusive or neglectful behavior on the part of the innocent partner, the DCF approach addresses how they want you to think about the other person’s alleged abuse or neglect. If your partner was not abusive or neglectful, or the issues were minor and long past, you still have to do this. Otherwise, you will likely not get the child back.

Be aware – thinking incorrectly is now abuse or neglect. You must embrace your victimhood.

Dirty Trick No. Eighteen

If you do not “suck up” to the social worker, you will never get your children back.

Social Workers – “How come the parents hate me so?”

Your social worker went into social worker school with big hopes and dreams that she was going to “help children” and save the world from evil parents like you. When she joined the “Company”, she found out that social work was grinding banality, stupid bosses, nasty parents, rigid rules, and low pay. Not exactly what they thought they were signing up for. And one more thing: QUOTAS.

Under those conditions, all that idealism stuff turns into Cynicism very quickly. It is now keeping endless records, dealing with impossible bureaucratic red tape, surviving trips to the ghetto to homes of drug dealers with 9mm semi-autos in their waist bands. Where was that thing about “helping children”?

The worst thing of all is that they didn’t figure that every single “consumer” (I still can’t believe they call their victims by that name) they deal with despises them. No one told them that this was totally adversarial, and that when you kidnap children from parents they don’t like you at all. They are not emotionally or intellectually prepared for their job to be one hateful encounter after another.

Your social worker is infantile and requires stroking.

Your social worker should grow into her job after while and realize what it really is: She kidnaps children from parents, and parents despise social worker. Rather than being a big girl and understanding this very human emotion, they demand that these parents give them kind reactions and work with them. What? Don’t they realize that when you kidnap someone’s children, that the parents are going to hate you with a burning passion?

It doesn’t matter. If you don’t act like Eddie Haskell, and say, “Good morning, Suzie Social Worker. Isn’t it a pleasant day today?”, she will extend the kidnapping and hold your child for longer. In her pathetic immaturity, she equates your politeness toward her with whether you are an abusive or neglectful parent, never realizing she just ruined your life, and that it takes every ounce of your strength not to kill her and hide her body under your porch.

What kind of fool is so ignorant, so unperceptive, so infantile, so emotionally retarded, that she has to “feel the love” from you, when she has committed such a foul crime against your children and you. Instead of being self-confident and mature from her own life outside of this job, she looks to her own victims to bolster her feeble emotional health. Makes you sick when you think of it.

If you love your children, your only choice: Pour tea, be nice.

Given this demented reality, your only choice is to play the social worker’s game. Don’t worry about your feelings. Suck up to the social worker, be nice, and put out the tea when they visit. Speak politely and ask questions like you are genuinely interested in their pathetic lives. Fake it really well.

Why do this? Isn’t this outrageous? Yes it is. But this social worker holds your children hostage, and you must endure whatever it takes to get them out, even subverting your dignity to this extent. If you love your kids, you will do it, period. Do it for them. Spit out the bad taste later when you have gotten the hostages returned.

Every hostage negotiator understands you have to do whatever it takes to deal with deranged criminals who have no conscience, and that you do and say whatever it takes to get them out. This is exactly what you must learn as well. So, suck it up, and suck up, and do it for your kids.


It may sound cynical to be so critical of the Department of Children and Families. But I have wept with too many good parents who have lost their children, to not be cynical. Frankly, the system is evil and corrupt. The courts refuse to intervene in the face of DCF power, or they affirm it because they believe in the DCF philosophy.

The exposure of these dirty tricks is only part of the story. You need to know how to fight back. Get a good lawyer. Read the “Fight Back” section of this web site. May God bless your efforts to stop this abuse of children, and reunite your family.


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