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My name is Dixie Eliason. My loved ones call me Nina, as is the name of my now 12 years old little girl.We Live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My husband passed away on September 12th, 2012 of a brain aneurysm. He was only 37 years old.  I am the sole parent of our little girl Nina.

On October 9th, 2012  I  was heading to drop my little girl off to school, when a van collided against my vehicle. (Geico has the immediate report).

The male driver, and his male passenger drove away afterwards. I received a severe head trauma.  My head hit the left metal side of my vehicle’s door. (Since then, I suffer from PTSD).

My hearing was completely lost for over ten days, after the accident and is permanently damaged due to this.  Audiologist now informed me, that  “in order to recover hearing, surgery is required.”

Private investigator’s report explain, ” Officers at the scene dismissed mother.”  My son affirms, having been  contacted by officers. Officers informed him that ,”I was involved in a car accident. Officers explained I was not hurt and was sent home.”

Minutes  later, two witnesses reported having seen me hit a guardrail along  i95.  Report states “mother undid daughter and little friend’s sit belts,  attempted to walk towards the bank of America off Horizon Ridge and Horizon exit,  but collapsed near her vehicle.

Police arrived at the scene, confirmed I was incoherent (admitted I was in and out of conciseness in report).   Instead of treating me at the hospital, I was sent to Clark Country Detention Center without medical treatment of any sort.

I don’t remember much, aside of the van hitting my passenger door.  (I do not have a criminal record, drug, or alcohol abuse problems)

At the jail, I was nebulized many times a day, treated for high blood pressure and other things. My balance was off,  I felt as if floating. It felt like a bad dream.

“Thought of not having my little girl near me, or perhaps even dead  brought me to agonizing torture. Later I learned, my little girl had gone under state custody.”

Ten days later, a guard expressed concern to the doctors.  I was questioned in writing, because of my hearing loss.   Doctors then learned, I was  involved in a car accident and had not been examined at any local hospital. The Clark County Detention Center then released me without any significant medical treatment.

All I had in my possession were a dead cell phone (I knew this cause lights were off on screen) no ID, No money and the rest I don’t remember. All I remember, is a stranger picking me up and waking up at the hospital.  The trauma of the accident prior to being detained caused medical issues that needed immediate attention well prior to being released.

I spent thirty four days at UMC hospital in Las Vegas Nevada, Costing over $125,000.

I left the hospital to deal with the assigned DFCS  case worker.  She was biased and unethical in her handling of this case. Never in my life had  I imagined, my little girl being under anyone else’s care (especially the state).  At that point all fears came true.

The case worker caused my little girl and me, traumatic painShe’d often mentioned “To be making sure my little girl gets transfer to live in Washington State, away from me. Her investigations were not thorough, and the reports submitted to the court were per-fabricated.Neighbors and church members requested to be contacted by the worker ,But were denied the opportunity to be interviewed.  The caseworker fabricated lie after lie in court.

I was not provided the opportunity to be heard by the judge. I’ve always been involved in my the community by helping the homeless. I teach the children ministries and do for those around me. My friends, church family and neighbors have good things to say about me. (I have a strong relationship with God. He is my rock). I believe in paying it forward. I am not a troubled person. “Life has and always will be my kids.

During the first year, when my daughter was placed in a foster home. I was allowed to speak to her only twice a week for 15 minutes. My little girl often asked “Mommy when will I be home with you?.”  At the end of every call, my daughter said  “I love you mommy, I’m going to miss you!”

In the meantime, the case worker accused me diligently, in court.  She often described me as “Unfit”. Visitations became less and the judge became tougher with me. “I prayed for God to place compassion and empathy in the CPS Caseworker’s heart in order for other parents to avoid the heartache my little girl and I suffered.”

“I never feared death, only the seconds, minutes and hours of separating from my little girl.”

In March of 2013 my little girl, Nina  was transferred to live in Washington State. I did not see my angel for over a year.  I was allowed to speak to her only twice a week for less than 10 minutes at a time, sometimes not at all. Although my daughter was raised in Christianity and accustom to celebrate Christmas and birthdays, she was placed in a Jehovah Witness home. She was removed from our believes. Don’t get me wrong, I respect everyone else’s religion, but my little girl’s religion should had been respected as well.

Due to the worker’s ill accusations, I was forced to assist parental trainings and  under-went 17 humiliating drug tests when I have never had any problems in this regaurd. I complied!  (all tests returned NEGATIVE for drugs ). I was also force to complete not one, but three DFCS case plans.

I suffer from BRCA Type 2.  My medical condition is a rare cancer mutation, that affects multiple parts of the body and never goes away. It cannot be cured. It only goes dormid for short periods of time and returns without notice. I have been treated for Multiple Cancers, followed by Lumpectomies and treatments… My goal in life, is to survive this illness in order to have the opportunity to keep on loving and caring for my children. My children are the reason for me to wake up every morning and moved forward.

Through out the course of her life, my little girl, Nina  has never received bruises, been scared, been abused, or was ever neglected by me. Members of my church, neighbors, people from local parks and dance studios can attest to the type of mother I am.  These are the same people, DFCS refused to interview when them made themselves available for such interviews.

I read somewhere an impacting message.

“Where there is love, there’s no need for power! Where there is power usually exists, no love.” This was when my true journey began, With God by my side. I prayed  and worked harder toward reunification.

“The DCFS worker used a corrupt manipulation and rhetorical ploys to advance her agenda. Her argument suffused that I could not be trusted with the care of my little girl.”The judge misunderstood me and alternately allowed for my character to be consorted as inappropriate.

“In my situation there was lack of good evidence. “The caseworker should had presented her findings as ethically as possible, but she lacked moral character to do so.”

The same DFCS caseworker whom swore to represent an USA government entity by promised to look after the best interest of our American Children carried out a corrupt reasoning, to exploit the bond between my small child and myself. Her maneuvered a blatant and a devious presentation of who I am as a mother, as a person and as a member of the community. Her skepticism was bias, as she endangered the welfare of a minor. I had to be diligent when disputing the truth, in order for fight her inept arguments.”But regardless of the countless CFT meeting the caseworker followed through with her threat of transferring my little girl to live in the State of Washington.

“Faith is not a religious connection to God, It’s a Spiritual
Connection that can’t ever be broken!

With only $150 to my name, I purchased an 8yrs old Mac on Craigslist for $50 dollars, Rented Books from the library and frequented Youtube.com to teach myself  Website Development. Mothersprimaljourney.com was created four days later.  Afterwards I then purchased a business license and continued teaching myself iOS, Xcode at local Starbucks. This is how “Mother Primal Journey ” was formed!

A company from California “CDx Life” provided me, a full time job doing as an executive IT. This is  a science and technology company based in San Diego, California, that has created “MyDx” which is the first battery operated, handheld, chemical analyzer for consumers. The device was created to measure impurities created to detect impurities are not visual to the human eye. It allows you to measure, test and verify. The company’s mission is to empower people to live a healthier life by revealing the chemicals in what you eat, drink and inhale. MyDx uses nanotechnology to measure chemicals of interest and has multiple sensors being developed in its lab that are compatible with the MyDx App. To learn more, visit www.cdxlife.com.The company went public in the stock exchange almost a year ago.

 I did not treat my own illnesses via the consumption of cannabis. However, I did work with and along side of  the company’s team (engineers, biochemist engineers, website engineers, analysts, etc).  Daniel Yazbeck, (CDX Life CEO) encouraged me to implement MS office software, to work on and Implementing Cannabis data researched files in the app, algorithm, as well as chemical composition that benefit cure for those suffering illnesses.  I worked side by side with Robert Vigil (My Mobile Development business partner) to create and perfect the “CannaDx” app. We aimed to assist Medical Cannabis patients in finding the right strain required to treat/cure their ailments included but not limited to (Cancer, Epilepsy, Depression & Chronic Pain).

The “MyDx” app is based on an algorythm of the chemical composition of the Cannabis plant. It provides patients with recommendation of strains based on feelings, and chemical benefits derived from each strain. Our app is listed as #1 in the app store and the company CDxLife has been reviewed in major news media sites such as CBS, NBC, PBS, etc. Thank you, Daniel Yazbec, Adriana Tomaselli and Rob

for beliving in me… 

While building Mothers Primal Journey and working fulltime for CDxLife Inc,  The DFCS worker was assigned to another case a year later, after so many complains during requested CFTs. Unfortunately, the judge was re-assigned as well and I had to fight my case from the beginning .

But thanks to God’s Grace, I’ve been able to make a living developing apps and doing business development. The work allowed me to  retain the best attorney in town “Emily McFarling.” whom fought and won the reunification process of my case. After 2 years and almost 3 months, DFCS decided there was no reason for my little girl to continue being part of the system.

My little girl  and I were reunified on August 14th, 2014.DFCS finally closed my case on Jan 6th, 2015. I was granted full custody at this time. “The Las Vegas District attorney on the criminal case, dropped all the criminal charges against me” as they had lacked proof to pursue any criminal case against me. The record is now sealed. I was never been tried nor convicted of criminal charges from the incident that led to this unfortunate situation.  The entire situation stemmed from this original incident.

I journaled daily throughout the two years away from my little girl.  The data was compiled to provide you “Mothers Primal Journey, Infinite and Immortal Love” the book. It will be published and available for purchase in the near future. This book is not another story to prove brokeness in yet another United States of America’s system. “It is to prove how God restores all brokeness!”

Below are some of my apps: among a few others soon followed. 







Feel Free to contact me at:

(702)623-9661 or send emails to mothersjourney2017@yahoo.com

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  1. Gina

    At one point of our life we don’t anticipate things happening to us . We don’t understand the reason of things being forced to destroy part of our identity. We know that sooner than later things will make sense at it’s given time. Most religious places call it trial and tribulations for greater things to happened in our lives . The core of events that stand us to think outside of the box is the love that we have within ourselves. In which show us who we really are in God’s eyes. It doesn’t matter how hard your fall comes to be , but what are you doing about lifting yourself from the dirt. It is were God shows us how victorious could be the road in his path in our new and renewed life. We are destined to be the newly generated “Eagles” with a brand new way of flying .

  2. Gina

    To Every person that reads my little sister story and is able to contribute to her case victory!!

    There are times that we don’t and won’t understand many things and or events that marks a crossroad in our lives, but thing is for sure “God is in control” . As we come to learn that without His mercy and His love for humanity and the teachings of bowing to His glory, nothing is in the control in our hands. My niece Nina Sheri is so much loved by our Creator that she is kept in our hearts but not as much as her mother Dixie Eliason for she is a great mother . I know because we were raced in a loved family and so are our children and how our children’s children will be as well. The love that God as our creator is contagious and last forever. The love that we share as family does not know of boundaries nor time, for Love is given willingly . My baby sister Dixie Eliason’s love for her child is admirable and blessed. She is a great woman, a hard working mom, a great sister, and a awesome friend. I know that I know that our Mighty God is Amazing and that soon my little sister prayer is going to be answers, for when our God is quite , He is working backstage. We Adore You God for you know how things come to pass. The reunification of families and the love that it shares is like the Gem, invaluable in price . Your contribution to my sister’s cause will be multiply in God’s eye as the new harvest in God’s dwelling. May God bless. Shalom.

  3. WilliamApem

    This is the best blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You notice a lot its nearly hard to argue with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You undoubtedly put a brand new spin on a topic which most people are have been afraid to write about for years (Corruption in the system) Nice stuff, simply nice!

  4. Me

    You are an awesome mom. God bless you Nina. Fly like the angel you are. Great romances are written about love for another. You are the true example of love for all.

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